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Hindu Empowerment Office wishes Sh. Uddav Thackeray and Shiv Sena congratulations on their victory last month and being elected as Maharashtra Chief Minister. Shri Bala Saheb Thackeray  was one of the tallest Hindu leader of the nation and the icon of Hindutva. Sh. Uddav Thackeray  is his son and leader of Shiv Sena – a social org. & political party with a Hindu heart, Hindus are happy to see Sh. Uddav Thackeray  in top state political post, it’s a victory of Hindus to see a Hindu with a pro Hindu heart and mind, at top political posts in state and center.

Hindus have worked hard to get you elected because of your concern for the pro Hindu and pro India causes . We know you will continue your support  for patriot and nationalist subjects.

“While the BJP & Shiv Sena derives it political ideology from Indic  & Vedic scriptures. The NCP & Congress party work’s on behest of Axis of Evil philosophies – Radical Evangelism, Jihad & Militant Communism and take orders from their domestic and foreign handlers like erstwhile ‘British Raj’ slaves for governance & policy making. This Axis of Evil by core is Anti Hindu, Anti India and has waged a war against India & Hindus since 1947, after 60 years, Modi 2.0 Govt. is fighting it 24/7.

It’s very important that BJP – Shiv Sena reunites for the good of Dharma, Bharat and Hindus. All India BJP’s state unit managers must also come of their parochial mindset, ignore local battles and accommodate some mission critical local political parties partners demands in forming state Govt. to empower Modiji- Amit Shah ji at center towards winning this war by 2025”
– Rahul Chandra  Sharma

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